Words That Never Got to Seba Jun

by Nujab3x

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Nujabes died on my bday :( , I (AxL3) wanted not to just celebrate my bday but also celebrate the memory of Nujabes 's music as well! and capture the love he received universally (and continues to recieve) through covers of his beats by people who were fans of his, or beats from his latest spiritual state, or some beats from him that were my favorite! I hope that this captured the sound that might of been, if these words got to Nujabes for us to have collaborated (a dream that will now never be)...So heres "Words That Never Got To Seba Jun"


released February 26, 1989

Nujabes, Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane, Emissary, Jelehu, Ari Lennox (raps by AxL3)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Nujab3x Springfield, Massachusetts

Rapper/Producer : AxL3

(Alex Lawrence)

B.D.- 2/26/89

Age :23

Springfield Mass

{rican and Trini} graduated w.my bachelors! next step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

website : x-mass.bandcamp.com

Producer/DJ : Nujabes

(Jun Seba)

2/7/74 - 2/26/10

known for his Hip Hop, often blending jazz influences into his songs
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Track Name: Integrity Eternal (Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane From Toe)
AxLe and the spirit of seba jun in your speakers or in your room
givin you a better mood
we're here to reflect eternally
on the nujabe blessin beats easily now 4 u n me
so kick back with a glass of mine
i mean a glass of us maybe a case of the nujabus
you can call me axle refer to me as x
we're givin you a project called the nujabex!

(Live High Up.) and yall can watch us do it
Climb up High.) and we'll climb high

A-x L3 God Bless

See the beat told me, "I was lookin for an E-m-c double E, Axle, with a 3
thats me
who r u?
can we be the one you listen to?
cuz we're honest and we're true
integrity were livin proof
better yet the truth
so sing along
not tryin to give u the same ol song
not tryna point out right or wrong, jus tryna bloom light
with the dark in the room weavin dreams with a loom

so on a seba jun tip yes we're blessin it

substantially without defecit of the hip hop etiquette

talented? definite! started in connecticut

me as an emcee such a detriment!

to the point so relevant

but mainstream begs to differ & Im irrelevant

if u agree

I would say the sounds are excellent

for the love i will start embezzlement

a nujabes settlement!
Track Name: Luv Sic For The Rhyme Spit
Sumtimes I wakeup 3am

for the cravin

im achin

must be contagion

sneezed out rhymes

for occasion blew bars out my nose

a sickness called the flow

not the flu that makes him rap like they do

pose new flows for the flow

to stay away from those contagious with those outrageous symptoms to rap about hoes so

in fact I'm so sick when i fell

so ill they say im not doin well

they might say stay away hes plagued

he doesn't have a bed ridden style that's overplayed

and hes never had a seizure for the leisure

no lines for the healthy wealthy

so u can say I'm infected by the bug

Not a medicated Hip hop drug

for the love) of the hop (dont stop
for the rhyme spit thats it dont quit
and for the love of the hip hop dont sit
cuz we're luv sic for the rhyme spit thats it rhyme spit

they gotta lotta emcees at the drug store
waitin in line for the cure
that one shot is expensive
spot light attention
he traded in his style for expenses
cuz they say that we need intensive
care just be played on the air
no longer about the art but the sport
and they say my life span underground is short
they agree without copying the scene
that your style easily will be quarantined
they got artificial sounds and flows
they stir ina bowl and drip it through the speaker hole

I got a sickness called the flow
not the flu that makes him rap like they do
a new flow for the flows
and no symptoms to rap about hoes
All hell well im so sick when i fell
so ill they might say im not doin well
they might say stay away hes plagued
he doesnt have a bed ridden style that's overplayed
and hes never had a seizure for the leisure
no lines for the healthy wealthy
so u can say Im infected by the bug
Not a medicated Hip hop drug
Track Name: Lyrical Peace Land
A Lyrical peaceland outta no land

bars made here with both hands

architectural intellectual Soul man

oh man pro fam ,dolby digital programed

a higher resolution rapper

im out the wrapper

im out the wrapper without the rapper lack-age

without the sign your name trade it for your soul package

without a shout solitude type of baggage

unpacked my verse out the hearse

eulogy rehearsed ,deserted so your mind's clear

blank walls in your head, graffiti paints the flow so they know

"axl3 was here"

vandalism in effect i turned a lyrical no land into Peace land now watch me wreck

wreck wreck wreck it all lets make fall
we the people are the source
lets make em crawl crawl crawl
for it all
tear the walls lyrics like that deserve a downfall
yes we're so appalled

flaws flaws lets make em all feel withdrawal
make it so there money walls feel so small
tear it down hand to hand make a peace land where it use to stand the hip hop peace land

mr dedicated and underated

under hated, fascinated with educated minds

or wise mentality with creativity that defies normality

hyperbolic chamber white lets paint it over with gravity

half of me is entirely sure

i gotta renegade a thousand hammers with a mind pure

if their cookies were the cash we'd snatch them back

fast with a Rumble

set jackhammers loose show em this is how it crumbles

the humble tumble for peace ,catch respect

or else catch vandalism in effect ,yes

blueprints for the peace land set i turned a lyrical no land into peace land

now watch me wreck
Track Name: Fellow Old Flow
I thought this Spiritual State track really had an old school feel to it, So I really wanted to give credit to just old school in general , and just the respect I have for the previous! The history lesson of hip hop as I think of it, when you actually go back in time! Respect to the golden years! -AxL3
chorus "We're not oh no we're not feelin you, we're not oh no we're not feelin you,
We're not oh no we're not feelin you,
we're not oh no we're not feelin you...
but if I could rewind to 89 id appreciate this moment in time

Fellow old flow, i came with respect
,correct I came with love, full effect better yet

veteran respect the past previous! peace sign
and rewind all my attention to the old times
her rhymes

for the moment for a second I borrow
to copy and


talent for today's tommorow

the sorrow
the tears and peers, for the years that passed
me nu thin on the radio 4 years
all hell all well
hot digity
they seem to be
all sell
all fail, common cents
and dollar bail
buy freedom from the jail,
recording booths with gold bars 4 sale
and gold mics jus to record the songs they like
and no hype jus materialism and no class
and role model rhymes that suggest the girls are way too fast

racks on racks on racks by the wack
wax on wax on donuts for the track
Stacks on stacks talented other raps
that deserve the same money sack
facts on facts
many disagree and appreciate the sound
and like the way hip hop gets tossed around
thats you cash this money that
substance abuse to much green on the track
your wack x4
too lyrical hypocritcal visual even more stereotypical
critical for the mind

cheers yall made it this year
as they reminiscin over the art my god
as they reminisce over the lost my god
as I reminisce over her my god
Track Name: Sighs and Woes for the Highs and Lows
we give one sigh for the highs and lows

for the lows we will feel these woes

these feelings just aint for (show)


time for the soul to bleed slow

one more high then i swear we'll go

but for now 1 drink, 1 more

one high before we feel low

one sigh for the highs, we're low

We all get high and get Low

some live fast some dream slow

these feelins jus aint for show

1 drink and after that 1 more

and ima copa fit

cuss words with it

realize i might wanna quit

drop the mic and shit

keep thinking ill never fit

and walk away from a chance we missed

And he claims to quit
gave in never heard em spit
but he had a gift
but he cant resist from the doubt
that might persist
whats the point his mind insists
no ones listenin
the the dream he aint livin in
the nightmare within and the crowd isnt clappin
they aint here for his ass and
now what happened
back to the passion
back to the wall
back to the jack
back to the hall
back to the gin
and back to the cigs
back to the spins
it is what it is
and he couldnt stay up couldnt stabalize
the dream
with his mind all made up
couldnt shape up or keep it taped up
so he drank up and celebrates the fact that he gave up

We all get high and get Low

some live fast some dream slow

these feelins jus aint for show

1 drink and after that 1 more

and ima cop a fit

cuss words with it
realize i might wanna quit
drop the mic and shit
keep thinkin ill never fit
walk away from a chance we missed

they say all is possible in the right state of mind
but in a state that's mine
the lime light is hard to find
especially in a state of mind that is mine
packed up the talent with self esteem
I mean i couldn't make it happen the dream
based off an attitude allergic to the green
back to square 1 it would seem
no gleam, no chase for applause
i might of even forgot the cause
the cause of the mic
the words from his head
the motive for the hop
not only for the bread

instead blank face
no hope
no go no go no rope
no pull no rhymes to tote
even now forgetting here what I wrote

Track Name: The Heart< 3reak Dance (feat. Ari Lennox)
This is the heart break (heart break) this is the heart break....dance...

random heartbreaks is apart of the grow up
during your trials you still gotta show up
getting use to life takes some time
this is your body catching up to your mind

No doubt, she got a chance to learn what heartbreak is all about, pain knockin on the right ventricle, trickle food for the thought, makin words edible too, makin sure the words stick with you, digest all the feelings through the syllables , silly you no love from thee, silly me, gullible and from this plate , threw up every single word on the first date not feelin the same so instead he threw the words away, she found them crumpled in a trash can, but hes a man, she still kept on with the same plan, convinced never could there ever be a another man, hes the one but he just doesn't understand he and she they will never make, so she drowned in a heart break. when he threw her in without a love preserver, now shes threw with him because she couldn't swim


No doubt he gotta chance to learn what heart break was all about,
pain knockin on his chest piece,
no ease, when he steps to her with a "please"
and she chose him instead what a tease
just another devil in a dress, too
upset that he couldnt be the best,ah
god bless, to the rest who gave the dance another try
and didnt let heartbreak, make em die
the heart break dance isn't really a dance,
its the movement of romance
without a chance,
and when emotion gets halted to a drop,
the same feeling came when the beat stops
so to all in this dance of life
dont worry in a while this dance will go out of style,
and then comes the dance of love ,
and then comes to you, the dance of love

random heartbreaks is apart of the grow up
during your trials you still gotta show up
getting use to life takes some time
this is your body catching up to your mind

hospital visits
my body is shaking
doctor im dying
"girl your in a panic"
x-rayed your body
ain't nothing wrong lady
,calm it on down
"you'll be fine in the morning" he said
Track Name: Feather Free Emcee (prod. Emissary)
Nujabes bless the track for a brotha
to influence emissary to do a little cover


The pen and pad resemble dad
the words from the brain is the mother
to help create another
so when the ink begins to sink
to give birth its just me making love with the words to carry into earth

so then when i disperse

When I spread this verse

I wanna touch every mind without a single curse

not a curse like a cuss but not to receive the curse

when i get payed off an unintelligent verse

rehearsed an oath, to stay hip hop, true guaranteed

making sure the art we never cut or bleed

warnings that I heed, always understood, there's no lime light warranty

without a fee,

Ill keep it lit with the humble tumble roar in me

the pure flames of integrity what I believe

couldn't touch the mic til the words were fit for me

couldn't assimilate the culture on the t.v.

propaganda video ordinary Joe

thee attack of the clones cant escape the woes

mystery how this all came to be

where I cant make profit like them off of being me

If I ain't hip hop , tell me who the hell am I?

they say a broke emcee with a broken "fly"

a broken record that I am with my reply

I answer real hip hop when they ask me why

why avoid the light? and keep it underground

so underground that there never was a lost n found

cuz you were never heard and whats the point in that

he ain't fly cuz its broken why does he rap?

See they dont understand how im programmed

to keep away from the blurry current program

not interested in making u a hit jam

or a hit list simply for the false bliss

y'all wanna see me rhyme like that? spit game like him and sound like this?
Well, ima keep it real like that, hip hop like us, verses like this! "
Track Name: Her Hikari

Because I represent I represent these words
these words these words for the women the ladies the babies , the girls
the ones with the curls
the light the black
the ones who get pushed all the way to the back
the ones with the glasses and their hair tied back
the ones who feel they need to really act like that
the ones labeled too fat
the ones who feel they couldnt achieve
the one who wouldnt fall to believe

Cuz I once saw a girl a lady a girl
with her fist to the world the sky the world
who didnt want the pearls the jewels the pearls
she can get it on her own her own all alone
Cuz i once saw a woman a whoa-man
i put the wrd whoa cuz she was drop dead
we look for the beauty first instead
we can find the brains after nuff said

this is dedicated, dedicated to the ignorance of us,
mostly guilty riding on the same bus,
the band wagon draggin and i really seem to doubt,
we see the damage that we broadcast or put out
, of what the women in the world really need to be,
need to be put in our places everyday we see,
and it starts wen shes a little girl
,this is definitely how they start to see the world,
superficial if shes lucky shell ignore the message,
and look in mirrors and say "damn, what a blessing"
accept her features and settle for a "no job"
and turn her nose from the page
and keep her clothes on
and keep her eyes off
and keep her mind on
and keep the televison on pause stop because
because the virus spreads quick from the hips up,
and tell the magazines they can all shut up!

Track Name: Written Block Spirals
whos ever been to the block? the block for writers,
the writers block where the words flop,
where stop signs in a mental lane
make a verbal vehicle stop, no gasoline
intervene with a tool, pop, theres a rhyme
, but another wouldnt follow, Im
feelin possibly irritated by an empty line,

why did the wrds hit the cliff with out a cliff note
study guide cuz it led flow into a suicide

slow n steady suicide
face buried under crumpled paper
session suicide
suicide verbal session suicide
ink sliding out my damn wrist
disrupted I'm
that boy interrupted I'm
Frustrated I

needa break with my foot on the brake

So i can brake solitude

for my next take and bleep the bloopers

for mistake's Sake sit n wait at the wake

as i mourn the scribbled lines dead
that couldnt make it here today out my damn head
black suits with a dark tie suit the occasion
invasion of the rhyme snatchers mental-like abrasion
no brain activation, I cant steer
so i charged up the rods, when your ready shout "clear"
clear my mind is , fear came with it too,
with assembly required, the rhymes never came true!
A dead end sign? amnesia to the rhyme,
so when the car stops, I'm left wondering who am I?
there's a mountain of the crumpled paper tries,
when i tried to make a call,
leave a message at the next sigggggh,
the next line left his brain fried,
the pain only temorary to the mind,
the next try only left a scribbled line,
when the pen felt a temporary death , the brain cried as the rap died...

slow n steady suicide
face buried under crumpled paper
session suicide
suicide verbal session suicide
ink sliding out my damn wrist
disrupted I'm
that boy interrupted I'm
Frustrated I

needa break with my foot on the brake

So i can brake solitude

for my next take and bleep the bloopers

for mistake Sake sit n wait at the wake

slow n steady suicide
face buried under crumpled paper
session suicide
suicide verbal session suicide
ink sliding out my damn wrist
disrupted I'm
that boy interrupted I'm

about to set decapatation to affect
cuz the mic I couldnt wreck
the words left like my dad
out the window flew the pad
out the mind no wrds
so out the mouth no spit
frequently i gave birth to it wrds FREAKIshly
the frequency of my rhyme scheme
used to be predictably similar to
the heart beat of hip hop dont stop
never dead but writers block
can happen instead
the rappers wrst dread
the writers take meds
a miligram of inspiration on the side
to avoid slow n steady crumpled paper verbal session suicide

thers a crumpled up paper trail
proof that the song couldnt sail
i tried the rhyme again but again i fail
and i fell to do it well
there was a note on his side
that described the verbal session suicide
Track Name: Flowers
a sweet scented melody given from the n-u-j-a-be-s
blessed with the pedals of the rose powers
kiss em by the gray showers
devour my soul to smell the (flowers)
created from the hand in the sky
the sun rise shows the earth cry why?
you hear the screams when the ground blooms
you see the tears when the sky booms

and its her best friend

she needs it now and then

supplemented with the chocolate yet again

and, one whiff and I'm her friend again

my sorry note attached with a stem


its another chance to catch her at a glance

grab it with a stare and seal it with a kiss

miss by the mystery of how u get to me

doesn't seem to be too hard to gain apology,

cuz when my jazz hits the night air,

what I did in the past is gone, without a care,

yeah , and with my sunshine to the right of me,

on this merry go round, we will marry, and stay sound,

wow, we're goin on 3 years right about now,

we had our ups and downs

but we're together now,

I messed it up many times created showers,
but u and I were saved and I give my thanks to the (Flowers)


and i saw them at your funeral I lay-ed awake
I couldn't bring myself together cause you weren't awake
mistakes understood , gone too soon
as the pedals catch the tears falling in the room,
my face so sour,
as the weather understood and brought down rain showers,
couldn't swallow had a lump in my throat,
when I heard through the phone daddy isn't coming home,
he felt so alone,
the stems couldn't hold that pain,
this time flowers couldn't keep her sane,
and as they drove away,
red flowers turn black, they scream " dont look back"
,the scent couldn't drown the smell of her depression
,flowers see life and death and i learned that lesson
,the scent couldn't drown the smell of her depression,
flowers see life and death yes, I learned that lesson


F for forgiveness fallin freely fit forever fighting
faithfully forevermore fixed up furthermore
L-O-V-E living life lovely
living life's levers , lonely like alone,
O for the oxygen omitted off and on
Ok o-k-a-y pretty like your eyes
W for the double you,
you times 2, right place wrong time, cause your on the mind
E everyday easily extracted even out the rest because you know I'm ready,
refer to the beginning, cant stop to fight the feeling,
i cant find the reason,
they're there for every season,
i pick them for the healing,
sumbody somewhere some how
knows how im feelin right now,
but we can never understand why life showers,
but i jus throw away the stress retreat to a bed of (flowers)
Track Name: Through the Mystline ( prod. Jelehu )
To all who have been waiting, the mystline has now jus pulled up
watch your step as u board!
we have saved you a spot for the ride no need to rush
no need to push
We expect You will arrive to your destination in approximatley 2 mins and 50 secs
so in other wrds...spot her and make your move....Good luck!

As I carry luggage and I make it inside

to a crowded train ride populated with a large size

and a larger shoulder knockin my folder

to the ground and for the tumble paper sound I frown

Goodbye good mornin shirt with a coffee stain to add with a reason why im late for work

hurt my back was and still is when i slipped on that reason that was dropped by a kid

damn so when i got up my eyes were closed

but when i reopened eyelids, I froze

I arose with a rise of surprise u kno those

chick flick glances that deserve a rose

"Ohs" and "ahs" my god

and I nod with approval

with a no resposne removal

my brain went south and

my south went north

love at first sight runs another lap

heres the torch

and you know how it goes
u try to make no eye contact
but instead u look back
and wen u look back u both have eyes that say
"what the hell you lookin at?" everybody knows that
the stare moves up and down as you even try to
comprehend how u two never shared the same ground
j nazareth she looks good
but u wont get anywhere standin where u stood

So wen i finally try to make a move for good its like everybody understood
Im on the train inconvenient cuz all of a sudden nobody remained seated
I see I , couldn't pass , I couldn't even get through
and all I wanted was another chance to see you,
and everybody made a mission so impossible
and made a dream oh so trash can toss able

a lady got up with her baby and her baby carriage
to block us from meeting up like marriage
instead fate keeps me n her divorced with
a nature to throw obstacles with force
heres how the scene plays
ima drop things on the floor thatll keep me away from her for sure
I try to dive to save my own day
the train door opens when I looked up she got away
Track Name: My True Color
my true color isnt mixed

my true color doesnt sound like this

my true color isnt definite

they say my true color doesnt really fit...in

my true color never sits

sometimes my true color really isnt for the kids

my true colors kinda different

naw my true color isnt innocent

so Here it is a white paper in my hand

lime greens sky blues with a color coded plan

When I grow up ima be this man

who i colored like this with a brown crayon

Ima paint this picture like they said

draw me with a tower of that green colored bread

crayola a friend who would fool ya

making life blueprints that dont even exist

I took a nap woke up in elementary
lookin back its kinda documentary
only remeberin it in black and white
and some gray memories black pavement and bullies
the hoodies and aqua blue tears shed
thank god never wounds painted over red
just yellow bus's and throw back brown bag lunches
just a simple color scheme to paint me a real life scene

Then I blinked and the colors got agressive
red with my dad dead and a mess very hard to supress
theres nothing u can say cuz tragedy has no colors to describe depressed
better yet whats the best color now in my
best hue to wash over white with a god damn frown
I kept this color on for the rest of highschool
i kept my eyes open painting with a better view

Heres the same white paper in my hand
and here I am the paint brush replaces the crayon
except the white papers smudged and erased
and replaced with a reaslistic face
the piles of money that i drew wen i was young
wasnt money that i owned it was money for a loan
the last school id attend
help me to paint life truthful
not always rendered beautiful

So now I drink cups of blue on occasion
no green so a day off becomes vacation
and every dream colored secondary
with no room they become tertiary dreams

this job everyday a never ending primary color
with a color necessary jus to paint it gold
but the lemons that i hold that I knew that I drew they were all painted blue too
Track Name: The Final Blow
it's the final blow

and the final view

watch her leave as I grin from a window view

in front me jim bean

as I think of you

high heels tap into a distance too

too tongue tied and cross eyed to catch my boo

time is gettin slow when i start to think of you

Time and Time again fish frowns for me n you

Time after Time rhymes about the interlude

the final blow

and the final view

watch her leave as I grin from a window view

in front me jim bean

as I think of you

high heels tap into a distance too

tap tap tap until she disappears
miss her more, mi amor , sure i want her here or
, by the sea shore surely with the wine and more
senorita sangria necessita si for sure

that wine & dine tip on sum her & mine dip
back into a mind which summarizes my flip
switch flop twitch paranoia for the ditch hop
skip through a few numbers jus for me to build some lumber
call it Thumper or my jack in the box
that persuades me and made my Dr. Jeckel thoughts
turn to a fox

dirty thoughts and sock on the door
time to clean house for appetites on the mind for
my drawer open nasty repetition my glor-
glory meant to save me but the mornin proved otherwise
unwise decision clouded my vision
but it was clear for sure wen i caught her standing by the door here

this is when it all fell down
as she only came to throw the ring I gave her back down
her attitude distracts the whole room
i payed less attention to the girl beside me in the nude

tap tap tap until she disappear
miss her more mi amor sure i want her here or
by a sea shore surely with the wine and more
senorita sangria necessita si for sure
Track Name: YranigamI Erolklof (The final folklore prod. AxL3)
Because I do believe in folklores, because a folk or a

folk whore messed up his world

with a word or more

so furthermore call her life

with a slice of love for the

wife the hip hop drop top

so drop her top and her bottom 4 lines to make love to her

vibes jus 1 more time

and in the morning make love

pressed against her lips so when i woke the mic replaced her finger tips

sippin up a few sips more

so wen she spoke beats hit the floor

and wen the tears splashed synthesized cries for the emcees who died

word to paradox emotion took off like flies

so please forgive the long soliloquy

forgive the silly mannerisms here to over power me

to give these silly little rants with these silly little

rapper hands

jaws drop wen i caught her by a glance

to get in line for my chance

as impossible it seems

I still asked her for the last dance

we bowed out in the night sky

when tears dried wen i told her it would be alright

we made rhythm for the vision

we tucked in the curses for the verses

and rehearsed a different version

so we can create the sounds of a virgin

yet to be touched and yet we all know shes never

heard enuf

Shes only seen in my dreams in between
every scene in my bed sheet
pretty feet and foot notes
help remember what i wrote
so when i awoke with a new song
in reality she helps 2 sing along
shes never seen only heard
through headphones alone
over saturated party zones
or even speaker phones
or on the t.v. misrepresented now by them or we,
we turned her out, no doubt we turn her up
turn it off when we don't agree with her new song soft

with her touch to my vision and my rough for the ruff draft
I kiss her sound touch her mic for the craft

she made it possible for us to dwell in the same room
and look pass differences that we still resume
so never press pause for the cause
cuz wen the music plays it distracts me to have a good day

i continue to let her disrobe
recount the first time her sound waves passed through my ear lobe
rememberin the first time
wen she let the beat drop to tell
me yes you "quote" the world is mine
her birth is unknown
un-natural clones grown in her place to try to taker her throne

but we the underground lost or found
whether money made or respect gained will never let her get away
pieces ripped from her by the ones who passed away
and their mics buried under tones
and rip rib Lip to producers still bangin beats under grave stones yo f them ringtones