Through the Mystline ( prod. Jelehu )

from by Nujab3x

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Jelehu on this mystline remake beat! smh...this beat helped me grasped what I even wanted to talk about on anything that had to do with "Mystline", maybe a little cheesy with the story, but maybe Nujabes would of like that...-AxL3 check out jelehu's original remake beat


To all who have been waiting, the mystline has now jus pulled up
watch your step as u board!
we have saved you a spot for the ride no need to rush
no need to push
We expect You will arrive to your destination in approximatley 2 mins and 50 secs
so in other her and make your move....Good luck!

As I carry luggage and I make it inside

to a crowded train ride populated with a large size

and a larger shoulder knockin my folder

to the ground and for the tumble paper sound I frown

Goodbye good mornin shirt with a coffee stain to add with a reason why im late for work

hurt my back was and still is when i slipped on that reason that was dropped by a kid

damn so when i got up my eyes were closed

but when i reopened eyelids, I froze

I arose with a rise of surprise u kno those

chick flick glances that deserve a rose

"Ohs" and "ahs" my god

and I nod with approval

with a no resposne removal

my brain went south and

my south went north

love at first sight runs another lap

heres the torch

and you know how it goes
u try to make no eye contact
but instead u look back
and wen u look back u both have eyes that say
"what the hell you lookin at?" everybody knows that
the stare moves up and down as you even try to
comprehend how u two never shared the same ground
j nazareth she looks good
but u wont get anywhere standin where u stood

So wen i finally try to make a move for good its like everybody understood
Im on the train inconvenient cuz all of a sudden nobody remained seated
I see I , couldn't pass , I couldn't even get through
and all I wanted was another chance to see you,
and everybody made a mission so impossible
and made a dream oh so trash can toss able

a lady got up with her baby and her baby carriage
to block us from meeting up like marriage
instead fate keeps me n her divorced with
a nature to throw obstacles with force
heres how the scene plays
ima drop things on the floor thatll keep me away from her for sure
I try to dive to save my own day
the train door opens when I looked up she got away


from Words That Never Got to Seba Jun, track released February 26, 2012
Nujabes, Jelehu




Nujab3x Springfield, Massachusetts

Rapper/Producer : AxL3

(Alex Lawrence)

B.D.- 2/26/89

Age :23

Springfield Mass

{rican and Trini} graduated bachelors! next step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

website :

Producer/DJ : Nujabes

(Jun Seba)

2/7/74 - 2/26/10

known for his Hip Hop, often blending jazz influences into his songs
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