YranigamI Erolklof (The final folklore prod. AxL3)

from by Nujab3x

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First off big ups to Clammbon on the Imaginary Folklore song, the vocalist in that song allowed me to create a great sample of her voice as when I rewinded it I loved what her voice was doing, SO I picked my favorite parts of the beat when I was rewinding it and pieced them together. Then I found the hardest drums I could find and put it together


Because I do believe in folklores, because a folk or a

folk whore messed up his world

with a word or more

so furthermore call her life

with a slice of love for the

wife the hip hop drop top

so drop her top and her bottom 4 lines to make love to her

vibes jus 1 more time

and in the morning make love

pressed against her lips so when i woke the mic replaced her finger tips

sippin up a few sips more

so wen she spoke beats hit the floor

and wen the tears splashed synthesized cries for the emcees who died

word to paradox emotion took off like flies

so please forgive the long soliloquy

forgive the silly mannerisms here to over power me

to give these silly little rants with these silly little

rapper hands

jaws drop wen i caught her by a glance

to get in line for my chance

as impossible it seems

I still asked her for the last dance

we bowed out in the night sky

when tears dried wen i told her it would be alright

we made rhythm for the vision

we tucked in the curses for the verses

and rehearsed a different version

so we can create the sounds of a virgin

yet to be touched and yet we all know shes never

heard enuf

Shes only seen in my dreams in between
every scene in my bed sheet
pretty feet and foot notes
help remember what i wrote
so when i awoke with a new song
in reality she helps 2 sing along
shes never seen only heard
through headphones alone
over saturated party zones
or even speaker phones
or on the t.v. misrepresented now by them or we,
we turned her out, no doubt we turn her up
turn it off when we don't agree with her new song soft

with her touch to my vision and my rough for the ruff draft
I kiss her sound touch her mic for the craft

she made it possible for us to dwell in the same room
and look pass differences that we still resume
so never press pause for the cause
cuz wen the music plays it distracts me to have a good day

i continue to let her disrobe
recount the first time her sound waves passed through my ear lobe
rememberin the first time
wen she let the beat drop to tell
me yes you "quote" the world is mine
her birth is unknown
un-natural clones grown in her place to try to taker her throne

but we the underground lost or found
whether money made or respect gained will never let her get away
pieces ripped from her by the ones who passed away
and their mics buried under tones
and rip rib Lip to producers still bangin beats under grave stones yo f them ringtones


from Words That Never Got to Seba Jun, track released February 26, 2012
Nujabes, AxL3




Nujab3x Springfield, Massachusetts

Rapper/Producer : AxL3

(Alex Lawrence)

B.D.- 2/26/89

Age :23

Springfield Mass

{rican and Trini} graduated w.my bachelors! next step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

website : x-mass.bandcamp.com

Producer/DJ : Nujabes

(Jun Seba)

2/7/74 - 2/26/10

known for his Hip Hop, often blending jazz influences into his songs
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