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I think this track title is self explanatory :D but simply put, I wanted to successfully write a song about flowers in the way that I see them utilized....-AxL3


a sweet scented melody given from the n-u-j-a-be-s
blessed with the pedals of the rose powers
kiss em by the gray showers
devour my soul to smell the (flowers)
created from the hand in the sky
the sun rise shows the earth cry why?
you hear the screams when the ground blooms
you see the tears when the sky booms

and its her best friend

she needs it now and then

supplemented with the chocolate yet again

and, one whiff and I'm her friend again

my sorry note attached with a stem


its another chance to catch her at a glance

grab it with a stare and seal it with a kiss

miss by the mystery of how u get to me

doesn't seem to be too hard to gain apology,

cuz when my jazz hits the night air,

what I did in the past is gone, without a care,

yeah , and with my sunshine to the right of me,

on this merry go round, we will marry, and stay sound,

wow, we're goin on 3 years right about now,

we had our ups and downs

but we're together now,

I messed it up many times created showers,
but u and I were saved and I give my thanks to the (Flowers)


and i saw them at your funeral I lay-ed awake
I couldn't bring myself together cause you weren't awake
mistakes understood , gone too soon
as the pedals catch the tears falling in the room,
my face so sour,
as the weather understood and brought down rain showers,
couldn't swallow had a lump in my throat,
when I heard through the phone daddy isn't coming home,
he felt so alone,
the stems couldn't hold that pain,
this time flowers couldn't keep her sane,
and as they drove away,
red flowers turn black, they scream " dont look back"
,the scent couldn't drown the smell of her depression
,flowers see life and death and i learned that lesson
,the scent couldn't drown the smell of her depression,
flowers see life and death yes, I learned that lesson


F for forgiveness fallin freely fit forever fighting
faithfully forevermore fixed up furthermore
L-O-V-E living life lovely
living life's levers , lonely like alone,
O for the oxygen omitted off and on
Ok o-k-a-y pretty like your eyes
W for the double you,
you times 2, right place wrong time, cause your on the mind
E everyday easily extracted even out the rest because you know I'm ready,
refer to the beginning, cant stop to fight the feeling,
i cant find the reason,
they're there for every season,
i pick them for the healing,
sumbody somewhere some how
knows how im feelin right now,
but we can never understand why life showers,
but i jus throw away the stress retreat to a bed of (flowers)


from Words That Never Got to Seba Jun, track released February 26, 2012
Nujabes , AxL3




Nujab3x Springfield, Massachusetts

Rapper/Producer : AxL3

(Alex Lawrence)

B.D.- 2/26/89

Age :23

Springfield Mass

{rican and Trini} graduated w.my bachelors! next step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

website : x-mass.bandcamp.com

Producer/DJ : Nujabes

(Jun Seba)

2/7/74 - 2/26/10

known for his Hip Hop, often blending jazz influences into his songs
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