Integrity Eternal (Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane From Toe)

from by Nujab3x

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LONG LIVE NUJABES!... I thought if I was going to do anything with Nujabes (especially the highly recognized "Reflection Eternal" beat) Im not just going to take the beat and do a rap, anyone can do that, So what i tried to capture in this tape especially on the intro, is that We appreciate and love Nujabes from people recognizing this melody live in the begining and people cheering for his name at the end! - AxL3

Credits raps by AxL3 ,
Clammbon With Yamazaki, Mino & Yamane From Toe


AxLe and the spirit of seba jun in your speakers or in your room
givin you a better mood
we're here to reflect eternally
on the nujabe blessin beats easily now 4 u n me
so kick back with a glass of mine
i mean a glass of us maybe a case of the nujabus
you can call me axle refer to me as x
we're givin you a project called the nujabex!

(Live High Up.) and yall can watch us do it
Climb up High.) and we'll climb high

A-x L3 God Bless

See the beat told me, "I was lookin for an E-m-c double E, Axle, with a 3
thats me
who r u?
can we be the one you listen to?
cuz we're honest and we're true
integrity were livin proof
better yet the truth
so sing along
not tryin to give u the same ol song
not tryna point out right or wrong, jus tryna bloom light
with the dark in the room weavin dreams with a loom

so on a seba jun tip yes we're blessin it

substantially without defecit of the hip hop etiquette

talented? definite! started in connecticut

me as an emcee such a detriment!

to the point so relevant

but mainstream begs to differ & Im irrelevant

if u agree

I would say the sounds are excellent

for the love i will start embezzlement

a nujabes settlement!


from Words That Never Got to Seba Jun, track released February 26, 1989



all rights reserved


Nujab3x Springfield, Massachusetts

Rapper/Producer : AxL3

(Alex Lawrence)

B.D.- 2/26/89

Age :23

Springfield Mass

{rican and Trini} graduated bachelors! next step, HIP HOP! Im an emcee, artist, Martial Artist, former track runner ,In love w/Pink Floyd & HIP HOP

website :

Producer/DJ : Nujabes

(Jun Seba)

2/7/74 - 2/26/10

known for his Hip Hop, often blending jazz influences into his songs
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